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Let’s take Steve’s love life as an example: he appeared to have a relationship with Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth), only for them to break up in the fourth episode of this season.

After she left, we got a ton of obvious flirting between him and Lori.

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This held the Glastonbury audience spell-bound and there was a palpable silence as Alexander made lumps of wood and hammers into a more sensitive, compelling and expressive device of subtle communication than one would have thought possible. This concert (given to an encouragingly good number in the audience) was a fitting tribute to all that Derek Dorey has done to promote the musical involvement of young people in church life and worship, as he retires from being Director of Music at St John’s. On a balmy summer evening we gathered, bathed by sunlight shining on the gold-grey stone through the windows of Stoke St Gregory church, to hear Frances Webb and John Bodiley bring us delights from the recently enhanced organ and recorder. John began with the striking by Andrew Carter written for the organ at York Minster. He then played a Prelude and Fugue by Buxtehude, preceding it with the tale of both Bach and Handel having declined the opportunity of succeeding Buxtehude in his prestigious position at the Marienkirche in Lubeck because the condition imposed – taking his daughter in marriage – did not suit either of them!The prelude is in three parts including a short fugue, followed by the longer angular fugue. Strikingly, one, , played with characteristic clarity and accuracy by John.Frances, with John accompanying, then played for us a Sonatina by the classical Austrian composer Diabelli.Now, in the same episode that Lori admits that she has feelings for him, Catherine is back and they’ve apparently been back together for some time. And if it was going to change, why did the writers put us through another scene of Steve and Lori being all cute together last week?

(It’s also kind of funny to note that Lori left the same way Catherine did: with an awkward hug in Steve’s office.) I don’t care who Steve dates (given how many women swoon over Alex O’Loughlin, myself included, there’s going to be a romantic subplot), but I want it to feel real to me – and not have the important parts skipped over. We spent all of last season thinking he was going to reconcile with ex-wife Rachel (Claire van der Boom), only to find out they’d been having an affair and that she might be pregnant with his baby. The kid turned out not to be his, so the show gave him a new love interest in Gabrielle Asano (Autumn Reeser), who appeared in all of two episodes.

He avoided manslaughter charges by pleading guilty to armed robbery." In 1992, he opened Freddy's BBQ Joint to start a new chapter in life.